Integrate Wishpond with the platform you know and love. 
Import, export and organize the contacts that come to your business using your Infusionsoft account and Wishpond. 
Use Wishpond to capture your leads through landing pages, forms, popups, contests and much more and send relevant information to your data base on Infusionsoft.
Not sure how exactly the integration works?
No problem - instructions below!
Step 1
Log into your Wishpond account and access your campaign dash board. Select the campaign you would like to integrate with.

Step 2
Next, you should be seeing your campaign's analytics page. To the far let of that page you will find a menu bar with several options. Select Export Entries - Integrated Apps.

Step 3
Once you select Infusionsoft you will be able to connect with your account in order to sync data.

Step 4
Once you click on connect you and login you will be asked to authorize the app / connection. 

Step 5
On Wishpond you will be able to select the list you want to use for your integration with. You can also set up an auto export or just an on-time export. 

You might run into following issue with your Infusionsoft integration
This error happens when the infusionsoft account does not have an application. An easy fix would be to go to the market place and install any application.
How do I import my leads into Wishpond?
Sometimes you would want to import your leads into your Wishpond account. To import your contacts you will simply need to click on Leads Database, located at the top of your screen in the blue nav bar. Select Import Leads in the menu bar to the far left and select Infusionsoft. If this is the first time connecting your Infusionsoft account with Wishpond the system will ask you to log in and authorize the app. Once you have finalized these steps you will be able to import your contacts. You can now go ahead and organize, manage or move them from one list to another or use Wishpond's lead nurturing tools to engage them and turn them into direct sales.
Landing Pages 
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